Curved black, white and grey glass diletto with plaited leather crop handle and flogger tails.   (Also available in Fuji colours)



Eyjafjallajokull volcano in Iceland famously erupted under a 200 metre thick block of ice in April 2010. Heat from the eruption ejaculated an estimated 250 million cubic metres of tephra, causing a 9 kilometre high plume and disrupting worldwide airspace.


Curved black white and grey coloured translucnt opaque glass diletto.
The black / brown kangaroo hyde handle and tails are expertly plaited by the Queen of England’s whipmaker. The handle features an 18 strand plait with pommell end and long hand cut tails.
Leather plaiting is a craft which requires great expertize and does not lend itself to mass production. The leather used is kangaroo hyde, which makes the finest plaiting material. When the hyde is properly prepared it is several times stronger than cowhide. Its particularly dense structure gives clean edges to the strands, natural resistance to water penetration and stretch. The raw leather has been ‘whip tanned’ using euchalyptus or wattle bark. The leather has been through the process of being drum stuffed; heated and tumbled with grease immediately after it has come from the tanning process. The immediacy of the drum stuffing means that the pores of the leather are still open which optimizes penetration of the grease. The leather has been dried naturally and cut by hand into strands from the centre part of the hyde. The centre of the hyde has the most uniform density and is therefore the best quality part. The strands are then hand greased and rubbed to get all of the stretch out of the leather, plus heat generated by the friction of the hand rubbing puts further moisture into the leather. Once plaiting it is finally given a coating of shellac. The leather is from a sustainable source and complies with import regulations.
100% Made in England.

Care Instructions

The fine structure of kangaroo hyde is dense and not sponge like as some other leathers so there is less opportunity to absorb moisture from wetting. Wash with soapy water and a cloth and dry naturally. Do not immerse in water. Specialist leather soaps are available.
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