Silver plated strawberry shaped anal stimulator with leaves and flower above the stem. Sits beautifully and inconspicuously in any interior.



Fragaria in the Middle Ages became known as the fruit of temptation and seduction. In Greek Mythology the Goddess Aphrodite, upon the death of the mortal but beautiful Adonis, wept tears which fell as small red hearts, thought to be the origin of strawberries..


Silver plated with 10 microns of sterling silver over solid cast brass. The dimensions are 90mm x 70mm.
100% Made in England.

Care Instructions

The fine structure of kangaroo hyde is dense and not sponge like as some other leathers so there is less opportunity to absorb moisture from wetting. Wash with soapy water and a cloth and dry naturally. Do not immerse in water. Specialist leather soaps are available.




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