Manoa Loa – Leather

Manoa Loa - Leather

Speckled black and white undulating glass diletto with leather rope handle.



Meaning ‘Long Mountain’ in Hawaiian, and the most volatile volcano in the world, Manoa Loa has been erupting for at least 10,000 years and shows no sign of losing stamina. With more than half of its girth under the sea it is, from base to tip, the Earth’s largest mountain.


Speckled black and white opaque glass with undulating shape and rounded palm sized integrated handle. A rope handle created entirely out of hand cut suede is twisted, bound and spliced around the neck of the glass. The rope handle is designed to hang off the wearers wrist, the weight of the glass hangs freely whilst creating a firm loop around the wrist due to the twist in the leather. The ‘rope’ uses two types of leather: one black, brushed and chrome tanned pig suede, which has a soft velvety finish, the other is black goat suede with a silver dot foil surface pattern which adds the most subtle sparkle to the suede. The leather is hand cut into very thin strips which are twisted together into individual lengths. The twisted lengths are then twisted together to form the rope using the exact methodology of a chandler.
100% made in England.

Care Instructions

Clean using warm soapy water on a soft cloth..
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